Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas For A Larger Home

With the ever changing trends in home design, it is now possible for every home owner to have a contemporary living room design. With the right kind of design ideas and space planning, you can come up with a wonderful space that will reflect your taste and style. In this collection, showcase some of Elegantly Cool Ideas of Contemporary Living Rooms to take inspiration from not only for your guests to appreciate but also yourself. Feel free to guide with these contemporary designs have gathered together, because after all it’s important to make sure what you truly need in your living room.

One of the most popular contemporary living room design has to do with fireplaces. Having a fireplace in the interior of your home helps you create an inviting environment that brings out the best in your lifestyle. You may choose to have a traditional fireplace or a more modern and stylish contemporary design featuring your natural light fixtures.

A contemporary living room design with a touch of natural light often showcases a coffee table made from marble. Marble is a cool and beautiful material that goes well with any home decor theme. The unique look of having a coffee table made out of marble comes from the details and design of its legs, which are inlaid with crystal and mirror shards. To bring out the best of this type of coffee table, add other accents such as natural stone or wood. These natural elements to complement your furniture and lighting scheme beautifully.

Another contemporary living room design idea showcases a wall mounted fireplace. If you wish to emphasize the look of a fire in this space, you may want to mount your fireplace in the center of the wall. For optimum effect, choose a wall that has few curves and sharp angles. For even more drama, consider a wall color that is deep and rich. Another option is to use a unique wall hanging as your focal point. A beautiful piece of art displayed on the wall will bring out the look of the rest of the living room and make it come together as one big statement.

Contemporary furniture for a contemporary living room design is designed with functionality in mind. It may have a variety of designs, colors and styles, but each piece is made with the user in mind. This type of furniture offers the best in convenience and durability. For example, contemporary living room furniture can include wide armrests that provide extra seating during large gatherings. Its wide armrests can even be adjusted to flat or slightly curved shapes depending on the preference of the homeowner.

When it comes to contemporary living room design ideas, the fireplace is an important element that must not be overlooked. Fireplaces with mantles are a popular choice for many people because they can dramatically change the appearance of a room. Some homeowners like the contemporary look of a fireplace that is simple with no embellishments while other people want a more ornate fireplace that is reminiscent of bygone times. In addition to choosing a fireplace that looks good, however, a homeowner must also choose a fireplace that will work well within the dimensions of the room.

Other design elements that can add to the sleek fireplace concept include modern lighting options. For instance, instead of using traditional lamps to decorate a room, opt for sleek modern lighting options that keep things focused on the fireplace or other focal point of the room. In addition to keeping things focused, these design elements also help to reduce the amount of electrical power needed to run the decor. Therefore, using modern technology to create the perfect accent can be a great way to save money.

Color schemes for contemporary living room decor should be clean, neutral and easy to maintain. The general rule is to use basic colors (white, off-white and black) for walls and ceilings; these colors should match the upholstery and baseboards as much as possible. In addition, keep the patterns of the furniture and flooring to a minimum. Instead, use textures that will complement the textured design of the walls and ceilings. For instance, if a piece of furniture is made out of a leather-like material, one could easily take it apart and use the texture to enhance the decor in a room that features a lot of wood accents.