Contemporary Living Room Design With Glass Windows and Wood Beam Ceiling

The idea of contemporary design for living rooms is very much associated with the trend setters in the world today. Most people tend to think that it is just the rich and famous that opt for this kind of design. However, it is actually a design trend that is not exclusive to high-class families and those with ample resources. There are actually many affordable homes that use contemporary design living room furniture to achieve a sleek, sophisticated and inviting look to their home decor ideas.

Ocean View: With contemporary design living room furniture such as a marble coffee table and shelves, you will have the perfect spot to enjoy the ocean views of your backyard. With these types of pieces you can easily create a feeling of openness and space that would be immediately noticeable. A marble coffee table coupled with open shelves will provide you with enough storage space for your worldly belongings. You can choose to add a bookcase as well and set aside some reading material or even have a lamp with a faux ocean view that would also give you some lighting. To add to the effect, you can use a few simple lamps that are also made from wood or metal to put under your books or magazines.

Solid Wood Furniture Contemporary Design Living Room Seating: Your sofa can easily be transformed into an ideal piece for your contemporary design living room. Choose a classic leather sofa that can be accented by a few cushions. Or you can go for a plain sofa with plain arms and a single seat with upholstering. You will definitely find this type of sofa extremely comfortable to lounge on.

Fireplace With a Glass Door Fireplaces are very popular and they come in a wide variety of designs as well. For those who want to retain the functionality of the fireplace while using it as a home accent, you can opt for a modern fireplace design sofa. This type of sofa is very functional and it can double as a coffee table when the fireplace is not in use. Consider a round, square or rectangular shaped fireplace that has a glass door with a handle. You can then mount a beautiful table with an abstract or a sophisticated design on top of the open front design of the fireplace.

High Ceiling Design: Adding a high ceiling to your living space adds a touch of class and style. A high ceiling gives you the feeling of having a large open space. You can use this element to create a dramatic ambiance in your living space by choosing a design that complements the design of the fireplace and the large view windows.

Large View Windows and Doors: If you want to create the impression that you have a large living space, you can choose a view glass windows and doors. These are perfect if you have space around the house. They allow natural light to enter the house and you can have an incredible amount of sunlight entering through the doors and windows. Alternatively, you can have a sliding door that allows a larger amount of space and can also allow you to adjust the temperature of the house. Alternatively, you can have a high gloss wall with white paneling that has lots of wood texture on the edges.

Contemporary Design with Chandeliers: Choose a chandelier that complements the other elements of the room. If you have contemporary modern living space, consider a chandelier that has a dark stained glass and has a frame made of stainless steel. The dark stained glass will add a sense of depth to the room. If you have a modern living area and have a high gloss wall, you can use modern stainless steel furniture with a brushed finish. You can even opt for a flat black finish for the frames and the lights. The result is a modern look that enhances your home with a beautiful chandelier and beautiful glass windows.

Wood Flooring: It is essential to choose a flooring material that goes with your contemporary living room design. Oak and mahogany floors are popular choices. These flooring materials go well with metal and glass elements of the interior space. Alternatively, you can choose bamboo flooring as it looks good as well as matching with any kind of interior space. If you are not in a hurry to change the flooring, you can simply paint it with any colour you like. If you want to install hardwood floors, you can use real wood or synthetic wood to achieve a good look.