Contemporary Single Floor House Design

Single-story houses have a lot of advantages over homes built on multiple floors. They save space and offer superior home decor options to home owners. When designing or re-modeling your single story residence, there are many single-story house design ideas that you can use to increase the space in your home and create a more spacious environment. This article offers some simple single-story house design tips to help you improve your space and make your home an attractive place to live.

Living cum dining halls make great single-story houses for families or couples. The single living area creates an open feel that invites conversation and enjoyment. With a contemporary design, you can make the most of the space by creating a common kitchen that can serve as the main gathering place for the entire family. You can then dedicate one or more walls of the common area to this task, leaving the second level of the building open to the rest of the space. You can add a couch, loveseat or small desk to the kitchen so that you and your guests can comfortably sit down to enjoy a meal.

A dining room in your home should be inviting and comfortable. Living rooms that are too small tend to lack atmosphere and can often times be hard to get around in. On the other hand, a larger dining room gives you more flexibility when it comes to arranging furniture, lighting and other decor elements. With a bigger dining room, you can create the vibe that you want for your home.

If you are shopping for a home, consider building a home that is located above your kitchen or dining room. These two rooms offer you the most room possible for your home. Building an upper level of your home will also allow you to extend your home with an additional living room or bedroom. This is a great way to utilize the space that you have available in your home while expanding it. It can also help to make the most out of the second level of your home.

Contemporary single-story house designs often use a nook or small space to provide that welcoming appeal. The use of windows to add drama and depth to the home can also add warmth and a sense of spaciousness to your home. Larger windows in a home give the feeling of a much larger house and give the appearance of more space than the same size window in a traditional single-story design. Adding windows to your home adds visual appeal as well as functionality to your home.

Contemporary floor design in your home can add a sense of fluidity and air to your home. The use of light, color and textures is very important in home design. By adding this same theme to your home, you can create an overall sense of peace and infinity. When planning your floor plan, you will want to think about the flow through the room. If there is not enough open space in the front, you may want to have a large entryway and spend that space with a furniture element. You can create a dramatic entrance by incorporating folding doors.

Contemporary single floor plans should take into consideration the natural elements found in your home. If you live on a hill top, you may want to choose a single-story home with a high gabled roof. In order to gain all the benefits of a single story, you will need to make sure there is plenty of space on the lower levels. You may be able to bring in the element of architecture that works with the natural elements found in your home. Using the single-story design with the proper floor plan can be the perfect solution.

The best way to make sure that your contemporary floor plan is a success is to hire a reputable architect to work with you. You want to work with someone who understands how you envision your home and who has the experience to make it all happen. Having an architect to design your home is one of the best ways to have a beautiful home. When you choose the right plan, it can be the perfect home for you.