Dark Scandinavian Interior Design

If you are looking for dark Scandinavian interior design, you have to be a bit creative, especially when it comes to using the colors. Dark wood and earthy tones are very common. They add a mysterious, yet cozy feel. The darkness and the coziness of the colors make them very relaxing and perfect for a bedroom design or a guest room.

Dark wood can either be shabby-looking or gleaming, depending on how you treat it. It makes the most dramatic effect with deep shade like mahogany or teak, or rich warm tones like cypress. Your dark Scandinavian style home decor design will be enhanced even more by the right color and the right lighting fixtures.

The thing about a dark themed home decor is that you need to find appropriate contrast. You can do that with lighter shades of the colours. If you like dark chocolate, you might want to use a pale pink color for your walls. If you prefer dark grey, use black or dark brown. Those with a dark Scottish interior might prefer grey couches with dark cushions or dark leather furniture. A bedside table with glass top and shelves would be suitable for that space.

If you are a person who loves nature and landscapes, you might want to add a bit of green to your home decor. It goes well with dark Scottish interior design because green adds a sense of harmony and balance. In modern living, it is usually combined with light blue or white shades.

Home decor in dark home design can be as simple as a wall clock or as extravagant as a chandelier or a floor fountain. Wall decor in such themes can usually be found in granite, wood, slate or metal. Accents can be found in glass figurines, crystals, vases and other collectibles. If you prefer antiques over knick knacks, you can find antique pieces made from glass, silver, copper or bronze. Accents such as these can be found in many antique shops as well as online.

Dark Scandinavian interior design also works well when you choose natural light as one of the main elements of your decor. Light has an important role in the Scandinavian culture, so it makes sense to incorporate this element into your decor. Floor rugs can be found in dark brown or black, but if you want to try something different, a coloured rug can work perfectly.

A dark Scandinavian interior design scheme can be enhanced by the use of visualizers. A visualizer is a wall mural, candle holder or other item that is designed to enhance your space. A Swedish interior designer named Birkholms designed a visualizer that highlights the vertical surfaces of walls in his home. Using photos of barns and farms around the country as the visualizer helps to bring a feeling of the rural life to your space. Varying the size and shape of the visualizer will help you create varying areas of focus, without over-accessorizing.

The final thing that you can do to enhance the dark theme of the Scandinavian interior design scheme is to add a few accent rugs. Rugs come in a range of colours, from soft pastels and waffled shades through to deep, rich shades of brown and green. The size and shape of the visualizer are going to determine how different the patterns of the rugs are going to look. For example, a thick, woven rug with small, evenly spaced circles would be a great visualizer on a large wall. A smaller rug with evenly spaced circles would work well on a wall that is not as large.