Decorating Your New Kitchen With Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern contemporary kitchen design tends to be a more minimalist approach to home decorating. It tends to incorporate sleek lines, a minimal color scheme, single, large windows, plenty of natural lighting, and simplistic, earthy accents. Many people who go with the modern contemporary kitchen design style find that the effortless decorating appeals to their sense of space and clean lines. This can help you achieve your home decor ideas from the smallest to the largest rooms in your home. In this article, we will examine the key elements associated with modern contemporary kitchen design so you can apply them to your own home.

Home decor ideas for kitchens include lots of light. The use of full wall-to-wall windows and skylights throughout the kitchen can increase the amount of natural daylight entering the room. By installing high quality windows, you can let in a lot of natural daylight without using artificial lighting which can make rooms feel dreary. Another home decor idea for kitchen design is to keep walls uncluttered. By keeping your walls free of any decoration or art work, you can create an open and spacious feeling in the kitchen that is characteristic of modern contemporary kitchen design. If your walls are painted a dark color, consider repainting them a lighter shade to add some color to the room.

Another element of modern contemporary kitchen design associated with the cabinets is the use of bare wood or laminate cabinetry. Many times, consumers are put off by the appearance of plywood-like cabinet faces in kitchens. However, it is important to understand that plywood-like cabinetry is simply a cheaper substitute for real wood. It is also a space saver because it allows you to choose from a wide array of styles and colors of cabinetry.

The style of cabinetry you choose should have a function that goes along with the size and shape of the space where it is located. For instance, if you have an island in the center of the kitchen and the countertop is the largest piece of furniture in the room, then choosing modern contemporary kitchen design idea that utilizes the island for storage purposes will be ideal. Another idea is to place the refrigerator next to the stove and spice racks next to the sink. These ideas not only help to utilize space but also add functionality to the space.

With so many different styles and colors of cabinetry to choose from, it can be difficult to discern between functional and unproductive cabinetry. Functionality should always be first and foremost in your decision making. In modern design, functionality can be accomplished by using cabinets that are both durable and visually appealing. There are two types of cabinetry: modular and fixed. Fixed cabinetry comes in several styles including classic, modern and country cabinetry. Modular cabinetry is available in many different shapes and sizes that allow you to create whatever size space you need.

Cabinets with a smooth, flat surface and glass doors with frames are sleek and contemporary. They are perfect for the kitchen island where you will likely place the stove, refrigerator, sink and other appliances. A flat, smooth surface eliminates the need for extra cabinet space and allows easier storage. Framed, brushed nickel doors are very elegant and complement the rest of the appliances and cabinetry.

Another aspect of design is lighting. Modern kitchen renovations do not have to be marred by understated fluorescent lights or harsh overhead lighting. Choose sleek, energy efficient lighting that matches the colors of the cabinets and furniture as well as natural light from windows or skylights.

If you are not yet committed to a particular design, you may want to try several different styles to see which suits your needs best. Visit home stores in your area and check out the display of contemporary kitchen designs. Then contact a few contractors who offer services in your area. Discuss your home decorating ideas with them so they can give you some professional advice. With a little planning and research, you can find beautiful, functional and efficient kitchen design that meets your needs and budget!