Home Decor Ideas For Industrial Office Interior Design

Industrial office interior design has changed with the times and the latest trends are making your office a space to work in comfort. The days of running the show from a dark, dingy basement are gone and the focus is on a modern, clean and sleek look that reflects good health and professionalism. Interior designers today are focusing their attention on space saving design, incorporating multiple uses of space, making the most of wasted space and turning even an unattractive office into a work of art. Here are some home decor ideas for industrial offices that will help you create a creative and inspiring space.

To start off with, consider the walls and flooring of the industrial offices you are decorating. They should be durable, easy to clean, free of blisters and filled with personality. You will want to keep floors clear of any clutter and allow for plenty of natural light to stream through the room. For the walls, choose a combination of solid and textured paint, bold color schemes and plenty of accent colors. You might also go for the old world look of rough wood panels and high backed chairs.

Wall space is always limited and in some spaces, you will need additional space to accommodate equipment and other items that you work with every day. To make the most of your wall space, you can add shelves, cubicles, computer carts and filing cabinets, all of which will make the most of your industrial space. If your office is at the corner of a room, you may want to add an industrial hutch or office table so that you have a place to store supplies and open a big empty space. Consider running cables over the top of the table for added functionality.

Another great home decor ideas for industrial offices would be mirrors that reflect light and are big enough to let some light in. Choose mirrored wall dividers to break up the large walls and add some dimension to the space. You could also add mirrors on the ceiling to make sure that light can filter through the entire room. If your walls seem to be missing some character, consider painting them a neutral color such as off-white.

Adding a few plants to your industrial office space can really pull the space together. Choose containers of rocks, soil or moss and plant them in strategic places. A rock art sculpture covered in moss can make a unique focal point for an office or home decor ideas for industrial offices. You can also cover floors in a moss-based resin material for an eco-friendly, natural look. Be sure to choose plants that will grow slowly and be able to withstand high levels of temperature and humidity.

One thing that many industrial offices fail to take into consideration when designing their space is the fact that employees will spend several hours a day working in this area. To keep the employees happy and healthy, plan on investing in a few items that will make their task simpler. Consider investing in a large whiteboard for brainstorming purposes. This can easily be purchased at any home decor store.

Home decor ideas for industrial offices should not stop with the walls and floor. Consider the lighting in the space. Depending on the type of industry you work in, it may have to handle a lot more heavy duty work than the average office space. You will need a lot more artificial lighting than you would for a more sedate setting. Bright lighting will keep the workers focused and alert. This can prevent them from taking naps or finding themselves drowsy.

When it comes to home decor ideas for industrial office interior design, it all starts with a plan. Take the time to plan out the layout of the office and make sure that every wall is properly lit and has adequate shelving. Make sure that the construction around the office is sturdy and plans should include a way to add extra storage to the interior. Once you have the interior design covered, you can start thinking about the actual furnishing.