How To Create Country Modern House Decor

When it comes to modern country house decor, there are so many options to choose from. You will have endless options of furniture, accessories and colors to choose from. The wonderful thing about a country home is the rustic charm combined with the natural beauty of the mountains and plains. Let’s explore some country modern house decor ideas for the dining room. The mountains, the valleys and the plains all represent peace and tranquility, making this an ideal place to sit and enjoy your comforts together.

If you are not sure what country home decor ideas would best fit your home, look around at some of the homes in the country or check out some of the country home decorating catalogs for more ideas. With the mountains and the plains as the backdrop, add in the natural beauty of the forest. Pine trees, cedar chests and lanterns on the walls and in the windows add a feel of the old days. Place a few wooden toys on the coffee table and in the bedroom to keep the children in their natural environment.

To give your dining room a look that is close to the outdoors, use country modern house decor ideas like a log gazebo with colorful pillows and a country style flooring with old world colors. The wall colors should also be a warm yellow and brown. A bird feeding table in the corner of the room would add to the country feeling. Add a country quilt on the bed and make sure the colors match the wall and the pillow cover.

Other country home decor ideas include a country rug made with deer or buffalo hide and moccasins. Hang up the original country western blinds and use decorative pillows made from burlap, twine and even jute. You can add antler chandeliers, candles and a few country home decoration accessories like a country style iron pot rack.

Western lights can set the mood for country home decor. Use lamps with an oil base and shades made from stained glass or metal. The shades can be a mixture of distressed wood and white paint. Place a couple of chandeliers above the western lighting and use it to accent the rustic look of the room.

In a country home, you can add cowboys and horses. Use a rustic rug on the floor that is shaped like a cowboy’s stirrups. Place horseshoes on shelves and dressers that will match the western theme. Add a few vases of flowers in glass or porcelain vases to add color to the room.

You can use country home decor in the kitchen. A country style sink filled with salt and pepper shakers can be a fun and festive centerpiece. You can also use items from your home decorations like a can of beans, old bottles of cooking spices and cheesecloth covered rugs. Place a can of beans on the counter and add some wooden spoons. The wooden spoon can then be painted with your country home decor designs.

Use your imagination when putting together your country modern house decorating ideas. Try something different than what you may have thought about before. Look around and find items in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You may even find that you have some of the things you were thinking of trying to save! You do not have to have a finished interior this first year.

A country home decor look is not complete without a few country home decoration accessories. A great idea for table linens would be a quilt or two made in the country theme. For lighting fixtures you could use lamps that are shaped like cactus and use them on your table as well as other areas throughout the home. Look around at all the decorative objects, you can use until you find just the right ones.

For more ideas about how to decorate your home, go online and search the Internet. There are endless resources available to you when it comes to modern country house decor. Try shopping for decorative items at your local craft stores. You can even buy beautiful rugs that will enhance any country home decor.

Finally, take some time to sit down and think about how you can make your modern country house decor special. Do not be afraid to get creative. Think of ways you can bring the beauty of southwest decor into your own home. Once you have come up with your own unique design, be sure to let everyone know! If you are really having a hard time coming up with anything, start out by looking through interior design magazines and catalogs.