How to Create Mid Century Modern Contemporary Homes

Mid-Century Modern Homes is an exciting new style of design that has evolved since the dawn of the new century. This style combines elements of classic design with modern innovations to create a unique home decor style. These designs tend to focus on bold geometric shapes, bold focal points and a sleek, clean finish. Mixing this design style with the benefits of comfortable furniture that is practical yet pleasing to the eye, creates a home that is both comfortable and trendy. Dining room interior design ideas that work well with this style of design include:

Create a contemporary feel in your home with a modern twist. With this style of design you want to keep the center of the home where the action is. In this type of home decor you want to keep things such as your furniture, art and lighting out of the main living space to keep things uncluttered and in their place. Instead, incorporate pieces that can harmonize with the architecture and compliment the space you have. For instance, a beautiful coffee table or end table can be located in the corner of the room to open up the space while keeping things organized and free of clutter.

Think about incorporating storage space to your home. Using clever use of windows, doors and storage can give you a valuable amount of “wiggle room” to creatively store items that tend to get disorganized in the home. A great way to use this space is to build a bookshelf on one side of the home while using other spaces for random storage. Another option would be to build a media corner so the television, DVD player and all other entertainment gear are out of the way.

Dining room decorating is all about creating a comfortable and inviting space. By encouraging people to congregate around the table, you are inviting them to relax and engage in conversation. Consider using rich and inviting colors to create a convivial atmosphere. Mid Century Modern designs often involve bold and rich colors paired with simple furniture pieces. Keep in mind that your dining room needs to be warm and welcoming, as well as visually pleasing to the eye.

Lighting can be another key element in designing a beautiful home. By strategically placing windows, doors and skylights, you can illuminate each room beautifully without overdoing the lighting. Bright and neutral colors work best to open up the home while still providing enough light to instantly distract anyone from doing anything they might not want to do in the dark. When it comes to lighting, keep in mind that each room should function as an extension of the main living area.

Another key element of designing any home in the mid-century style is to make use of natural materials and accents. Many people will opt for hardwood floors throughout their home, while others will go for ceramic tile throughout. Mid Century Modern homes often include elements such as copper pipes, brick on the sidings and stone tiles on the exterior walls. Hardwood floors are usually the preferred choice, but if money is not a concern, ceramic tile or stone is certainly up to the task.

The home’s architecture can also play a big part in its design. If your budget allows, you might consider hiring a professional architect to create your dream home. However, if this is not possible, consider designing your home’s architecture around elements from your chosen home decorating style. Simple elements such as geometric shapes, wood trim and light fixtures can all serve to enhance the architecture of your home. The placement of certain elements can also serve as subtle cues as to how your home may appear to visitors.

Mid Century Modern homes should be designed in such a way that they are not cluttered. Instead, choose to use simple lines and clean, uncluttered designs. Try to minimize the amount of wall art and choose pieces that will compliment the architecture of your home. The more subtle the decor, the more appealing your home will be to visitors.