Ideas for Small Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Are you considering a small contemporary kitchen design? Perhaps you are not sure where to start or even if you should build your own kitchen. Small kitchens can often be stressful due to limited space and often do not offer the expansive feature set found in larger sized homes. Nevertheless, these spaces can still be fully functional, beautiful and stylish with some savvy decorating. Here are some budget interior design ideas for small kitchens.

Contemporary design is streamlined and sure but that does not mean that there is not room for bold decisions and experimentation. The small contemporary kitchen design features open floor plans that are open at the floor and ceiling. This beautiful modern kitchen by Lucy exterior design features rich dark wood cabinets that resemble rich old living room furniture. The countertops have a brushed chrome finish that is simple but polished with subtle veins of color throughout. Accent the beautiful stainless steel appliances with subtle white cabinet pulls.

The use of light in a small contemporary kitchen design is often overlooked because of its functionality of course. You can use a dimmer switch to lower the lighting so that it is soft and relaxing instead of glaring. Your small contemporary kitchen design will be enhanced by a nice ceiling lighting to help accent the cabinets, which are the main feature of this space.

A glass tile backsplash completes the contemporary look and feel of this space. Using a glass tile backsplash completes the look and feel of this space. A glass tile backsplash can be a small discreet touch on the walls. However, it is best used in conjunction with solid surface cabinets for optimum effect. The installation of a glass tile backsplash will help open up your kitchen space by creating a more modern design.

Another idea for a functional backsplash in your kitchen features a stainless steel appliance display shelf. This stainless steel shelf is installed at the front of the counter. The idea behind this kitchen features design idea is that you can display items that are needed immediately. The shelf is then hidden under the countertop. A flexible wire shelving system can be incorporated into the design for easy versatility.

One small space design idea to add functionality is to incorporate a microwave into your small space. A microwave oven doubles as a grilling station for your food. When not in use, the microwave can be left sitting in the corner of the room. A convenient part of this kitchen idea uses the same type of shelves that would be found in a mini fridge or sectional freezer. When food items are placed on top of the stove top, they are cooked quickly. When you need a break from cooking, a microwave can be conveniently used as a coffee maker.

A small kitchen idea that adds function and a sense of space to your space can be found with a granite countertop. A granite countertop offers a rich look that combines well with a stainless steel or other stainless steel appliance display. Granite countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Using granite as a decor element in your kitchen allows you to add bold patterns and colors or a more subtle natural earth tone for a custom look.

One small contemporary kitchen idea that utilizes all the advantages of having a larger space is the creation of an L Shaped kitchen. An L Shaped kitchen design features an expanded footprint. Instead of three separate work zones, the L Shaped kitchen space can be used for three separate work areas including a breakfast nook, a family dining area, and a home office. The L Shaped kitchen design makes optimum use of the natural width of the center aisle of your kitchen. By creating this enlarged footprint, you have the ability to create a larger and more spacious dining area and additional work space while still leaving room to cook and to gather with the family.