Industrial Style Interior Design Ideas For Contemporary Homes

Industrial style refers to the reality that this particular style is fuss-free. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of interior designing and draws a great deal of inspiration from large industrial buildings, warehouses, and garages. But industrial style interior design is also super versatile. In fact, it’s so versatile that it can be used in almost any room in the house, and certainly in any part of the home. Here are some home decor ideas for incorporating industrial style into your home:

With this industrial style interior design, you’ll want to keep the walls very simple and make them feature straight, solid lines. Your choice of flooring would include exposed concrete walls, exposed brick walls, or exposed plank floors. If you’d prefer to add some lighter colored or textured wallpaper, then this is a good choice as well.

Walls in this modern industrial style interior design are typically exposed. You might choose flat exposed brick walls or something slightly more interesting like a plank floor with exposed concrete walls. Bare walls may be used if you don’t have a specific need for privacy or if you don’t mind the open appearance. Some manufacturers even create panels of bare wood that you can laminate over and use as a backdrop for your wall coverings.

Most of these industrial style interior design styles are designed around the concept of texture. One way to achieve texture is to use salvaged or reclaimed materials. Salvaged materials include lumber that’s been cut, sawed, or broken down. These kinds of materials often have interesting stories to tell, just like old photographs or pieces of art. You can find many interesting elements like signs or other hardware from previous buildings that have been torn down, or you could search out authentic metals or stones from the past.

Some other ideas for integrating the salvaged elements into your industrial style interior design are using textures that mimic natural elements from the environment. Sand or crushed stone can be placed on top of plywood for a wood grain effect or you can build a type of sloped floor using stone panels. Textures can also be painted onto wood, brick, or stone to match the textures from different sources. There are endless possibilities when it comes to building elements that resemble the past, but don’t attempt to make an entire building like those found in old factories. This could turn out looking too industrial.

Many times, manufacturers will take an existing building and use the industrial design aesthetic to remodel the interior. If you have an old industrial building that you want to renovate, you could incorporate some of these ideas into your design. The only problem with this is that it will be difficult to find parts or other materials that are similar to what was used in the old factory. This is why it is most important to choose something that is unique, just like the old factories that you see around.

Another idea for incorporating the industrial style interior design into your modern space is to take old warehouse buildings and create a walkway from one section of the factory to another. Instead of having a wide open expanse of floor space, you could create a smaller path through the warehouse to help workers get from section to section easily. You could also build shelves in the walls to hold materials or equipment.

These ideas are just a few of the ideas that you can use to create an industrial design style that works well in your home. If you have warehouses in your home, they can easily be incorporated into your decor. Just make sure that you don’t use old factory paint colors or they won’t look right. The best thing to do is to take old photos of these buildings and bring them into your current home.