Interior Design Ideas For Home Bars, Cafe Restaurants and More

Soft industrial interior designs blend seamlessly with natural materials like wood, metal and concrete to create an earthy, vintage appeal. Often employing mid-century modern style furniture as an inspiration, soft industrial interior design combines subtle references to the old with a fresh new take on the look of your room. It’s not surprising that the best-looking designer may have an industrial aesthetic sense. Whether you’re dealing with bedroom interior design ideas or office space planning, here are some great home decor ideas for integrating the industrial aesthetic with home decor ideas that won’t break the bank. Bedroom interior design ideas for incorporating the industrial feel can be simple and elegant. Use a classic dark hue with polished chrome fittings for a custom yet ruggedly chic look.

Remember to keep things simple when considering new furnishings for your home. Soft industrial interior decor is about bringing the outdoors in without stripping everything down. As much as possible, keep your home floor plan open to full view. You’ll want to make the most of any large empty space by maximizing natural light. Consider hanging curtains or blinds from high ceiling sockets – ideal for opening up the room without making it feel claustrophobic. You might also consider painting your walls in a neutral color to balance out the space – this works particularly well when your home is modern or minimalist in nature.

If you’re going for a custom feel, be sure to get a quote from your chosen interior designer before choosing anything. Although you may know what you want, getting a custom quote will let them show you what options are available, as well as help give you some idea about the costs involved. Some companies even allow you to see examples of their work beforehand, allowing you to get an idea of how the interior designer will create the space for you. When working with a soft industrial interior design firm, you’ll likely discuss furniture and accessories first, since these are more central to a factory-type environment. However, your interior designer will have plenty of suggestions for other fun, funky touches that can be added.

One of the biggest changes you can make to your home design project is to utilize more neutral colors. For many people, the bright red of redecorating a living room makes them want to scream. But bright colors can actually work quite well when paired with a clean, uncluttered feel. Neutral colors can also be very tasteful and tastefully done. Just be sure to keep in mind the industrial design trends mentioned earlier in order to make sure your decor home will mesh with the rest of your home’s decor.

One easy way to create a soft industrial environment in your home is to go with a newberry pattern on the walls. Newberry wallpaper is quite popular for both bedroom and kitchen decor, but you can also try this same motif in your bathroom, too. Using a newberry pattern in your kitchen or bedroom can be a subtle way to bring the two spaces together. If you have an old oak coffee table or console table that you’d like to match, you could paint it a complimentary color or just add a coat of newberry stain (if you’d like to use an oil-based solution) to bring the two elements together. This is a great idea for families with children, since a bright color can easily distract from their homework.

Another fun way to incorporate soft industrial design elements into your home is to incorporate images from vintage advertisements into your walls or floors. The old, vintage images included everything from an apple tree to a cowboy hat with a “C” painted on the front. These images can easily be reproductions, but they will give your home a nostalgic look that is also fresh and new. An image credit graphic can easily be added to a wall, as can any other type of image that you find intriguing.

You can also incorporate soft industrial interior design elements into your home by using antiques in a creative way. For example, you may have old signs or advertisements that catch your eye and remind you of something from your past. Maybe you have a garage sale that you’re interested in keeping and adding an old sign to it is a creative way to add that element. Or maybe you have a TV you want to restore that has a wonderful old neon sign on it. Soft elements like these can add charm and interest to your home without being over the top.

Soft interior decorating is a great idea for many different purposes, especially if you have a soft spot for classic design elements and wish to create a pleasing atmosphere. Soft Cafe Interiors is a blog that focuses on creating attractive and inviting homes that are perfect for cafes, bistros, restaurants and other types of businesses. If you’d like to get more tips on the best ways to incorporate soft furnishings into your own home decor, then be sure to check out their website today! They offer free tips on a variety of interior decorating topics including soft furnishings, barista furniture design, cafe interiors, coffee shop design and much more!