Interior Design Styles for a New Start

There are many different American interior design styles. These design styles are influenced by various periods in American history, including the Colonial, New England, and Great Depression periods. Many of these interiors feature a relaxed, cozy, country feel. These homes have a comfortable sense of space and often reflect their owners’ own sense of relaxation and happiness. One such relaxing style is the Colonial, which features warm colors, intricate carvings on wood, Queen Anne furniture, and handmade accents and beadwork.

Many of the characteristics of American interior design styles are influenced by the popularity of early American home decor. For example, the Queen Anne style was greatly influenced by the Queen Anne style of architecture that was prevalent in England at the time. This style was heavily influenced by Dutch designs that were used in the seventeenth century. Queen Anne style furniture has become extremely popular throughout the years and is still used extensively by contemporary home decorators.

Many American interior design styles are influenced by European designs during the Victorian era. Many American homes that were constructed in the Victorian era featured a European-style banister system. This design was often lean and heavily laden with woods. The heavy banisters were often used as the basis for the ornate gables that were common throughout the Victorian era. Many American home decorators still lean toward this style and use thickly padded paneling to add a unique and elegant touch to their Americana-themed spaces.

A more contemporary style of American interior design styles is the Rustic look, which is influenced by the early American pioneer movement. The American Indians of the late colonial period were famous for their beautiful painted tents that were made of natural materials like bamboo, pine, and cedar. Because of their rustic beauty, these colorful accents were commonly used in the living room of the American pioneers. These colorful living room accents were often used in front of the sitting areas to create a natural feel. They are now very popular in the southwestern and western living room decorating schemes.

Contemporary American interior design styles are influenced by the late twentieth century and the beginning of the new century. Much of this styling was influenced by the Workshops of Gee Whiz, as well as the movement known as the Flicker Art movement. Many American living room furniture collections are influenced by these new and interesting styles. Many of these contemporary designs lean towards the sleek and streamlined look that was popular in these early decades, and they have definitely come a long way since then!

As stated earlier, the oldest and most popular American style interior design styles is the Colonial. This style features mostly light wooden furniture with worn wood surfaces. The Colonial living room design really showcases the lovely bounties of the American West. This look is so inviting, people often choose this style when creating a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

One very popular interior design style for the modern home today is called the Post Modern Interior Design Style. This one was born out of the postmodern movement, which focused on creating stark, geometric, textured interiors with bright, vivid colors. This type of style exudes bold color pops, contrasted colors, and strong shapes. It is very different from the warm and inviting colors that have been popular in home interiors for many years. This newer style is very effective at bringing attention to its favorite pieces, which make it very eye catching!

Many people love the mid century modern interior styles, which are being created by companies such as Undermount. These companies focus on creating interiors that are both sleek and durable. Because of this, these interiors can withstand the rigors of time, yet remain very beautiful. These companies offer a wide range of customizable choices, so you can find an interior that truly fits your personality and style. Many people prefer the bolder colors, while others like the more neutral tones to fit their contemporary lifestyles.

Perhaps you would rather live in a colorful environment, but you hate everything about floral decor! If this describes you, there is nothing wrong with you! You will also love the fact that contemporary American interior design styles allow you to create very interesting color combinations with just about any color of carpet, rug, throw pillow, or wallcoverings. In fact, this is one of the best ways to add vibrance to your home decor.

If you happen to be someone who is looking for the perfect way to break the routine of your traditional Christmas vacation, then these two new year classic styles might be just what you are looking for! Instead of trying to recreate your old holiday decor, try using some of these popular new year decor styles to give your house a fresh look. You will find that you not only have more money that you have to spend on your vacation, but also more time to spend relaxing in your own house. So start making those Christmas decorating plans and get ready to decorate your home this New Year! No matter which of these new interior design styles you choose, you are sure to be happy with your decorating!