Is Grey Still In For 2020?

We all know that the answer to the question is Grey is Back is still in the bag. After all, the UK government announced two years ago that they are going to release billions of pounds of funding into building new homes. With this announcement, is the UK really planning on building more homes in built-ups or is it holding back? Perhaps it is time to review and rethink our home decor ideas.

One of the big problems is the concept of what a home should be. I have always believed that we live in a consumer society and there needs to be something out there that people can identify with and relate too. For some time now we have been providing homes for our young people, the children of families and singles. The home should fit the individual, the family unit and the role the home owner plays in the household. Why then do we not look at the concept of universal design and what this would mean for the home owner as well?

If we were to look at the current trends, we would see that most home owners, whether they are a couple, a family or just a single person do not feel they have complete control over their home decor and space saving concept. We have become a society of those who need everything now and those who feel they can have what they want later. With the concept of universal design, there would be less need for homes to be designed so quickly, so why is it that such a concept is still around? It would seem to me like the home decor industry is still trying to catch up with the modern world and the way we live.

The concept of ‘grey is the new black’ was introduced by the likes of Philip Anderson and Nick Turner almost 20 years ago. Essentially, it means using darker colours like black and white to create a sense of space within your home. As interior designers, we would all like to think that our home will contain the perfect nook and cranny for that perfect nook and cranny that we could fill with furniture that will make our home look like a castle or a warehouse, whatever it is we want it to look like.

This is obviously an excellent idea but the problem is that if we have a room that is full of this type of dark colour we would never be able to sit down in it without being uncomfortable, especially in summer when sitting out on the patio in the sun is not a good idea! Then you have the problem of the space and with the current trend in home decor, the smaller the space the more you can fit in and the more money you can save. However, when it comes to the home of two people, a small room is too cramped. There has to be room to move around and even sit down comfortably. If the concept of universal design is to be implemented in our homes, it seems we are moving away from the concept of home decoration.

It might be good if we can use the space more efficiently but it seems that in the current climate anything that is too complicated is bad. I don’t think that using up space on the walls to fit in furniture is a good idea, it makes the room look much smaller than it actually is. It would be much better to use the space in between rooms and have cabinets and drawers that you can pull out and put away. If we want to be thinking about is are still in for 2020?

I think that the answer is yes and that we should implement things such as home automation. Why should we think about is are still in for 2020? It is very important that we have energy efficiency in our homes. We need to be thinking about saving money and saving the environment but at the same time ensuring that we have quality energy efficiency in our home. If we do this then I think we can all relax because we will be ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy home decor items such as home electronics.

When we are thinking about the future of home decor, then I think that one of the most important things that we can all do is to think about reducing the amount of items that we have in the cupboard or wardrobe that we don’t really need. This would mean that we could free up space in the room and that is very beneficial when you are considering what is grey in for us in the future. Why not have a look at some of the ideas for home decoration on the internet today. You can even get some very informative home decor blogs that will help you with your decision making process.