Japanese Interior Design Ideas for a Contemporary Home

Japanese Style is a very popular and distinctive style of design. Many designers today are discovering the charm of this unique Japanese-inspired interior design. This design is all about space and uncluttered lines. A Zen like theme can really bring your home to life. If you want to create a Japanese-inspired living room interior design, here are some living room interior design ideas to get you started.

As mentioned above, one of the main characteristics of Japanese design is simplicity. The use of pure white furniture along with sharp geometric lines and dark upholstered materials such as leather leads the way to the ultimate in minimalist interior design. Soft cushions and basic upholstered fabrics like velvet or silk add to the Zen feel of the Japanese bedrooms. A small comfortable sofa with an exquisite wooden frame and colorful, upholstered fabric displays the versatility of this Japanese minimalist interior design. White and neutral tones dominate in children’s rooms, while colorful and neutral colors are used in the rest of the rooms.

Simple straight lines and light color primary furniture lead the way to the ultimate in Japanese minimalism. Often, solid colored doors and cabinets are combining with unique lighting fixtures to create an interesting look in the kitchen. A simple upholstered dining room chair that is embellished with leaves and accentuated with red, green, or blue accenting material is another great example of a simplistic Japanese minimalist interior design.

Another great place to start when you want to create a Zen like environment in your home is with the art work. Basic paintings in black and white help to accent the Zen like feeling of the Japanese minimal interior design. The same idea can be applied to room decor and furnishings such as the Feng Shui colors which are made up of red, yellow, and gold.

The next step in this Japanese minimal style of interior architecture interior decor is to select the colors of your walls, curtains, and accessories. This will be dependent on the theme that you have chosen for your home. For instance, if you are using the Zen design theme then you will want to make sure that all of the colors you use to compliment the theme. Otherwise, the home design will seem messy and will not have a sense of harmony. You can create a very Zen like atmosphere by using deep, rich colors such as browns, emerald green, or even red.

A two apartments in a modern minimalist Japanese style features floor to ceiling windows. You do not see many homes with windows so having these windows is very unusual. These windows also have a very unique minimalist design. There are no textures or paints used to accent the Japanese minimalist interior design. Rather, the windows are made entirely of glass.

This is a home that is full of simplicity yet provides a sense of spaciousness. This is because the minimalist approach is applied throughout the home. This includes the color scheme, furniture pieces, and wall decor. Everything in this home has a uniform color which contrasts the browns, grays, and greens that are featured in the Japanese design. Although there are no beautiful oriental touches, this combination of modern and traditional elements creates a very comfortable living space.

Other popular home decorating ideas for a Japanese home include the use of natural materials, such as bamboo, or rock. The use of natural materials helps to create a relaxing environment. The rock walls used in this home decorating theme are another innovative idea. They help to create the illusion of a larger space. Many people have commented that the light refracting from these rock walls makes it seem like you are in a cave. Other popular elements of minimalist Japanese interior design include paper lanterns, traditional Japanese small plates, and bowls, and paper fabrics that are often very colorful.