Learn What is the 60 30 Decorating Rule

What is the 60 30 decorating rule used for bathroom interior design? In my opinion it may have to do with the fact that bathrooms are personal spaces that are often neglected by home decorators. People assume that the decorating of a room should be left to the professionals. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The first thing you need to remember when learning how to plan a home decorating budget is that this is not the place for fancy decorating.

The purpose of your home decorating budget is to set aside enough money for the materials and the labor cost associated with the project. You can spend a lot of money on what you consider decorative items, but you must remember that they only add to your expense. If you’re not planning to replace these items within a year then the money used to purchase them can get you into trouble. To me it seems that bathroom interior design budgets are designed around the idea of throwing out a lot of nice things and putting money into what really matters. As a result the end result doesn’t look like much.

You may think that space saving interior design means throwing away all of your knickknacks. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you should take a look at what is available on the market that would be perfect to display in your space. Once you determine what is really necessary you can move on to your home decorating budget.

Many people get caught up in the idea of decorating their space to make it look better than the rest of their house. That can be true, but a big part of the savings when it comes to bathroom decorating is in the simple things. The bathroom is where you will most likely spend the majority of time so you want to choose the right pieces for this space. The first thing that you need to do is measure your bathroom space.

Once you have measured your space, you should have a good idea of what items you’ll need. Keep in mind that some pieces of bathroom decorating can be moved. If this is the case then you’ll have to decide if you can live with the item being in your space or if you want to have it removed. A good example of this would be a vase. If it was heavy then you wouldn’t be able to easily move it but if you choose something that is light weight you can easily move it.

Another tip for choosing the right pieces of bathroom decorating is to consider the size of the space you have. Most people like to keep their space as open as possible. If you have a larger space, you may be able to get away with a larger item such as a toilet seat. On the other hand if you have a smaller space you will want to consider the amount of space you have available for decorative items.

One last tip for making your bathroom decorating choice easier is to think about the purpose of the item. For instance, if you’re decorating a small bathroom you don’t want to choose an item that is too large. This can make your space look smaller and cluttered. On the other hand, if you have a large space you might consider choosing an item that is slightly larger. This will give your bathroom decorating a more spacious appearance while providing you with additional storage space.

It’s not difficult to understand the what is the 60 thirty decorating rule. If you are going to be decorating any room, it’s important to pay attention to how the item will best compliment the overall look of the room. By following this simple decorating technique you will be able to make any bathroom look amazing. Now when friends or family visit your home they will be sure to ask you where you got that fantastic bathroom bar stool or beautiful vanity.