Mid Century Modern Living Room Design

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design is known for the simplicity and beauty, it’s associated with. This style is often referred to as “Lifestyle Architecture” because it’s considered one of the most stylish and popular design styles of the late 20th century. Mid Century Modern was the popular iconic style of the early 1950s and its ever-growing classic appeal has made it an instantly recognizable style in the world of contemporary interior design. Mid-century living space design ideas merge a variety of modern elements, craftsmanship, and everyday functionality to create an instantly recognizable look. You can bring this style into your home by choosing home decor ideas that are inspired by this timeless interior design style.

You’ll want to consider color palettes when you choose furnishings for your home decor ideas. Since mid century modern living rooms are typically more basic in nature, the color palette you use will need to be less rich and more muted. Choose pale green, light blue, ivory, gray, beige, black, and other muted primary colors such as blue, brown, cream, and yellow. The color tones you choose for your walls and sofa fabrics should also be less overwhelming since they will take up less space and appear more refined. Turquoise, red, and other loud primary colors will make your home seem very busy.

Mid Century Modern furniture pieces are usually sleek and have a low-shaped, tapered legs. Due to the geometric lines and lack of ornamentation, this style is very functional. Sliding doors are common in this decorating scheme and your furniture choices will be influenced by this signature look. Dinar and linear pieces are common. You should strive to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the home and avoid a lot of clutter with your mid-century modern home decorating.

Color choice for your walls should also be based on your mid-century modern living room’s style. Clean colors are often selected for walls because they are simple and bring a sense of order to the space. Black and white tones are popular for this decorating scheme as well as cool blues, greens, reds, and oranges. Bright pops of color are often chosen in small wall accents, such as pops of red in high traffic areas, along with primary colors like orange, blue, red, yellow and purple. Tones of pink and peach can also be used sparingly in small, subtle wall accents. Pink walls would be very trendy in this decorating style.

Wall space is very important in this decorating style. Cubic shape pieces work best and should be arranged in a way that they create a geometric shape pattern. Large rectangular or oval shaped pieces work best, with rounded edges. Wall space should be filled with coordinating accent rugs – wool rug pads, area rugs, shaggy rug pads, plush carpet runners, cotton rug runners and rubber rug runners. A coffee table with a round, wide, square table top that has three or four individual legs is ideal for this decorating style.

A wall sculpture is an important feature in mid-century modern living rooms. Shapes of natural materials, especially wood, are commonly used. Glass panels with colored inks, abstract shapes, and metal decorations are also common. Colors for this decorating scheme should include pastel blues, cream, beige, and white. You can also incorporate floral and botanical wall sconces with complimentary fabrics and accessories.

framed photo displays with clean, crisp lines are the perfect finishing touch for this decorating style. White and cream or neutral color palettes are usually used. Contemporary home decorators often prefer a frame that does not over-power the display – a simple, clean, simple design is preferred. Framed photo displays featuring an abstract theme, such as an abstract tree, are perfect for this decorating style. Decorative elements such as beads, crystals, or metal art work can be used to add interest to your display.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design elements such as texture, form, material, and color all play a vital role in creating a unique interior design style. Color choices should be limited to tones that are soft and subtle. The use of a sculptural element in your design provides a unique vibe that allows you to incorporate other design elements into the mid-century modern living room design atmosphere. Texture and form are important characteristics of this decorating style; however, the most important aspect of the look and feel of this decorating style is the utilization of a sculptural rug.