Modern and Contemporary Living Room Designs

Most modern and contemporary living room designs concentrate on the arrangement of the furniture and walls. Furniture is generally placed in a semicircle around the TV or in front of it, to create harmony and balance. You can choose from a wide array of sofa sets and ottomans. Some of them are quite elaborate with fabric covered armrests, cushions and foot rests while others are simple with plain wood finish.

When it comes to the walls, you will find various wall decoration ideas ranging from artsy to contemporary. Abstract paintings are generally placed in the corners for a quirky and unique look. Abstract paintings enhance the feel of the place and bring out the interplay of color. You can also consider modern wall art. Examples include watercolor paintings and abstract designs. These can dramatically transform your home decor ideas.

Another aspect that you should consider is the flooring. It is imperative to choose a flooring material that goes well with the theme of your home decor ideas. When it comes to flooring, you have to be careful as most of us usually have a love-hate relationship with it. Most homeowners like to use hardwood as it gives their home a rich and elegant appearance. On the other hand, most modern and contemporary living room designs concentrate on tile or ceramic flooring for a more eco-friendly environment.

There are various ways to add interest to your living room. If you have a modern set up, you can choose a wallpaper to go along with it. A lot of people opt for abstract patterns which not only brings out the beauty of the art work but also gives an extra dimension to the living room. You can also opt for wallpaper borders that add some spice to your wall. You can place photos of your family and your love ones in frames to add more life to the walls. Artworks which represent current trends in art will also look great and they can help you achieve your desired look.

The lighting plays an integral part in your home decor ideas as well. It is advisable to choose light bulbs with a greater wattage. This will help save energy cost throughout the year. You can use lamps with dimmers which give you the freedom to control the amount of light you want to expose inside your home. You can even get special light fittings for your sofas and chairs to add extra style and elegance to your modern and contemporary living room designs.

Another aspect of modern and contemporary home decor ideas is the use of colors. You can keep the walls in your home light while the carpeting and rugs in such a way that it enhances the spaciousness of your living room. You can also use warm and cool colors to decorate the furniture in such a way that it gives warmth to your home decor ideas.

Furniture plays a vital role in enhancing your modern and contemporary home decor ideas. So, choose pieces which have a simple yet rich design and interesting details. If you want to decorate your home with modern themes and styles then you need to purchase modern sofas, chairs, beds, cabinets, tables and other pieces of furniture in striking colors like black, brown, gray, etc. to add elegance and sophistication to the home decor ideas.

The curtains and rugs you choose should also be chosen carefully as they will ultimately affect the mood of your home decor ideas. For instance, if you want to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, then you can go for floral and colorful fabrics and curtains. Similarly, if you want to create a cool and vibrant atmosphere, then you should go for vibrant and loud colors. So, the curtains and rugs you buy should ideally be able to fulfill your home decor ideas. You can also find a lot of online stores where you can find great home decor ideas.