Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design is all about the space and creating the illusion of more space for more family enjoyment and interaction. The farmhouse was created to be a refuge and a place to grow, produce and supply the needs of the modern family. It was built to provide shelter from the harsh winters, to keep the small children from wandering into the road, to allow mowing and trimming the lawns, to create a place to entertain the friends. Today we want our spaces to be inviting and functional, to be centers of attraction and to be a place to kick back and relax with friends and family.

Today, we live in an age of many changes and many people are looking for ways to find simple and affordable solutions to make their spaces both beautiful and functional. Farmhouse Interior Design is one way to achieve both of these goals. Using the timeless beauty of the farmhouse as a starting point, we can build a space that will look beautiful and be a functional work of art, while providing plenty of functionality. This is done by following a few simple tips for designing the modern farmhouse living room design. If you really want to design a great room, be sure to register for our free e-course, where we share the first three tips for designing a beautiful, functional and efficient living space!

First, let’s discuss some great design tips for integrating modern farmhouse living room design with the outdoors. Using textures and materials that contrast with the environment is one idea for emphasizing the unique characteristics of your home. In this case, the texture would be leather, rawhide or distressed wood. A variety of natural materials like stone and brick might give texture to walls or floors. You could also choose to paint one wall to match your cabinetry or paint one wall in a bright color to make it stand out. You can even use distressed wood trim on wooden floors for a unique look.

The second modern farmhouse living room design idea is to use your natural materials in your home design. You can integrate elements of your home decor into your new decor. Using different shades of wood throughout your home adds warmth, texture and interest to your home design. Choosing bold, earthy colors like brown, rusty red or deep emerald green for your accent colors or painting your walls in these colors will create a wonderful atmosphere in your modern home design.

The third idea to integrate your modern farmhouse living room design ideas is to keep your furnishings simple and keep them from becoming “over-stuffed”. Many modern homes now come equipped with clean lines and are furnished with furniture in neutral colors. Keeping your furnishings simple will allow you to use the space you have available in your modern design. You can also incorporate your decor pieces into your modern furnishings, to give them a similar look and feel.

Adding farmhouse style touches to your home decor can be as simple as adding a few rustic accessories like an old fashioned metal milk crate for your coffee table or a wagon wheel for your side table. Adding accents like a few old wooden milk crates for your accents will also help blend your modern farmhouse decor with the look and feel of a home that is reminiscent of a traditional farmhouse. Accents don’t need to be expensive. You can use reclaimed lumber, or a few boxes to fill in your farmhouse decor space!

Farmhouse interior design is not limited to just living rooms. When you are designing a unique space that allows you to relax and enjoy nature, you can also take your farmhouse style inside! You can add an area in your home that is perfect for enjoying a book, or a cozy nook where you can curl up with a good book and read to your kids. Add some vintage decor, and some old farmhouse prints for that inviting feeling. You can turn your kitchen into a modern style, by including a contemporary gas cooker and a cutting board, you can easily transition your kitchen from the old world charm of your country home into your modern, space age style!

With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can turn any room within your home into a space you can escape to, in your modern design. The focal point of any space should be the focal point of the design. With a unique space design you can make any room a cozy, inviting, and enjoyable place to spend time. Design your home so that you are truly surrounded by nature, and the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Look around at some of the beautiful farmhouse and cottage style homes around, and you will be inspired by their unique design and space accents, and their ability to bring you the true nature of home!