Monochromatic Interior Design You Must Not Miss It

Monochromatic Interior Design involves using only ONE color range as an entire theme for the living space. That means, if you have decided to use gray color as the main theme, your wall color, wallpaper, sofa, decorations will be in gray or within the gray color range. This design concept can be used not only in living space, but practically to all areas in a house.

Monochromatic Interior Design

Monochromatic interior concept works because they streamline the design, simplicity, promote unity as well as provides the owner an easier way to purchase their furniture. Unity is important because our brain process based on pattern recognition. The more colors will take more time for our brain to process and get used to, the lesser the color the brain is easier to adapt and psychological, we feel satisfied and happy with the new space.
The first step is to choose a color you like. Next is to choose a color shade that is lighter than the one you chosen and followed by a darker shade. Now you have 3 color shades to play around. When come to accessories, sometimes you can bend the rule by adding some different colors for an outstanding focal piece. Try not to have too many different pieces so your entire area still look cohesive.

Will monochromatic design looks boring? The answer is no, you can always be creative by adding textures, patterns and use of different materials in your decorations, furniture and rugs to attract attention.
Some of the more popular monochrome color scheme are
• Gray (current trend for 2019)
• Blue
• Black and White
• Yellow
• neutral colors
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