Rustic Farmhouse Design Ideas

Whether you are furnishing a new custom home, or re-modeling an existing one, here are some modern rustic farmhouse interior design ideas for your home’s dining room. Use these ideas to make your home a place of relaxation, conversation and enjoyment for the entire family. This is truly a space for the family.

A popular design is the Bee Tea Table with a Touch of Rustic. The top of this table features three drawers with coordinating candle holders, a mirrored top and a rustic wooden top. It can be used as a side table or as a breakfast table where you can read before you eat. For a unique and useful modern rustic farmhouse design element, consider adding up a pair of loungers. These chairs are available in many different styles and colors. You can even find a matching set of matching coffee tables and footstools.

Many people who choose to live in homes that contain no traditional design elements include a beautiful space in the living room as one of their modern, rustic farmhouse design ideas. This can be done by choosing a colorful wooden floor covering such as bamboo rugs, marbles, or colorful vinyl siding. The use of bright colors, as well as some unique wall art pieces, can help to add some fun to this room as well. In addition, some furniture such as modern farmhouse style sofas or love seats may look nice with this type of design as well.

Many people who have access to an outside area on their property include a covered area in their modern farmhouse style design ideas. Some people opt for a simple raised platform to place a fire pit. Others may want to include a bench, toy box, or decorative wall hanging to hold accessories like a bird feeder or a collection of native plants. An outside firepit is an easy way to bring this type of design to your inside space.

Another modern farmhouse style idea is to incorporate the beauty of shabby chic into the home’s design. Some examples of this type of decor include aged wood, aged paint, and distressed siding. Using these types of elements in the home can give the illusion of age throughout the home while creating a unique and charming atmosphere.

Adding a seating area to your modern farmhouse porch design idea can be done in a variety of ways. You can make use of a curved bench that’s accentuated by an old fashioned lamp on the seat. Choose a soft fabric, such as lace, to cover the seat and cushions. A round, oak, or cedar stool would be a perfect fit. Add pillows embellished with rugs and a few flowers to complete the look of a rustic porch.

Other design ideas incorporate stone and brick walls in the home’s exterior. Adding lattice to the siding of a home is another idea. Lattice adds an element of privacy to the exterior of a modern farmhouse. It’s a unique way to add a touch of classic elegance to a modern home.

Creating a beautiful, traditional farmhouse doesn’t have to break the bank. The details that are included in a modern farmhouse decorating design are as charming as they can be traditional. Adding items like an old-fashioned table lamps and candles can help blend the two themes. Adding wooden shutters to the windows of a home also helps to create a traditional look. A classic barn door, hand-carved pump handles, and wicker baskets help to complete the look of a modern cabin. With the right accessories, creating a farmhouse theme can be as affordable as it is fun!