Rustic Modern Decor for a Country Home

If you are interested in incorporating some rustic, modern decor into your home, don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect! Rustic decor has become quite popular over the past decade or so and with good reason. It’s not hard to love the warm inviting feeling that comes with cozy, rustic decor. It can bring to a dull, lifeless space a warm sense of well-loved comfort. Today, many people are choosing rustic decor as their primary room decorating theme, including builders, homemakers, retirees, and artists. Let’s take a look at some rustic modern decor ideas that will have your home feeling like the Humpback Turtle’s den.

Old world charm can be found throughout your rustic, modern decor, from beams and rafters, to the door handles and knobs. Wood beams that are distressed to give the appearance of age are the perfect feature for any living space. The distressed look on them is simply gorgeous. They utilize aged, wood materials in a very contemporary way.

In the kitchen, rustic, modern decor makes a bold statement with deep red countertops and stainless steel appliances. Accents of white or aged gold set the stage for beautiful platters, bowls, and cups. Accents of distressed silver or black metal finish these finishes beautifully. Accents of copper along with other aged metal are also popular in this type of modern space. Accents of stone set the stage for a Tuscan-inspired kitchen.

Walls in the kitchen are a big part of creating a rustic space. Bricks, blocks, tiles, and wood all add charm to your walls. Use accent walls to display pottery, or use mirrors to reflect light. Using mirrors helps you gain access to your countertops when you want it. You can even use decorative metal or wire lighting on these walls to give them a very inviting feel.

The dining room is another place where you can pull off the modern luxury and feel. Rustic country style furnishings lend themselves perfectly to wooden beams, plain wood trim, and wooden beams that accent your dinette set. Accents of color are easy to add. A few pops of color on your upholstered furniture can really change the look and feel of your space.

Bedrooms can take on two styles, western or country style. Rustic bedroom furnishings include bedding sets, hampers, and storage boxes. Rustic bedroom sets include western or country style bedding and decorative pillows in the form of old or southwestern pillows. You can use bright colors to decorate, or you can go with neutral tones for a more natural look. Remember not to use too many bright colors in your rustic room since this can clash with the bright wall coloring of your rustic room.

The living room can also be an area of great contrast. Western decor has a lot of the cowboy and rough edges, so your living room should have a lot of rough textured wood, white walls, and natural wood tones. A beautiful floor plan complete with a log cabin style bed that has painted a rich cream color will complete the look. For more of a southern feel, choose a simple and elegant collection of rugs, throw pillows, and decorative accessories that have a southern European charm.

When choosing rustic, modern decor, you have plenty of options for adding touches of country charm. Use wood as a way to create the feeling of a small town close to home. Try using unfinished wood throughout your space and tap in distressed wood paint for accents. Your rustic space accents will instantly become an extension of your own home, and you can enjoy the inviting and warm feeling that comes with the rustic space.