Traditional Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Traditional Scandinavian interior design is about the use of natural materials, mainly wood. The furniture has sharp, clean lines and dark, neutral hues. Simple geometric patterns are used. Colors are usually monochromatic and relate to the earth or sky.

When planning a Scandinavian interior design, it’s important to consider the function of each room. The family gathers for meals and socialize in the living room. Decorating the living room with a warm cozy look invites everyone to sit and enjoy the beauty of this space. The kitchen is another central area that is frequently used for entertaining. Functional tables and seating are needed for a work station or island.

Traditional designs can also be used for decorating the bedrooms. The bed in a corner provides extra space for storage and creating a quiet retreat. Use accent rugs on the bed for interest and comfort. Tall, clean lines create open floor plans in the bedroom that are ideal for home decor ideas. Bedroom walls should be a wall color or a neutral.

Walls and floors should be non-slip. Staining leather or vinyl furniture is simple to do and adds a touch of elegance to a home. Carpets add warmth and color and are ideal for Nordic decor. The carpeting in the living room can be a solid color or a pattern, depending on the look desired. Flooring is normally hard flooring such as marble, granite or wood that is durable. Use area rugs to create a warm pattern in the living area and add plants for a relaxing home decor design style.

The dining area is the focal point of the home and should reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle. Using traditional Scandinavian interior design ideas, the dining table can be made from wood. A round, rectangular or square shape is best. Use wood that is not expensive and that has some sheen. A rug over the dining table is ideal to soften the space and make it more inviting to guests.

Scandinavian interior design ideas include the use of dark colors, such as black or dark brown. Shades of red are also a popular choice. Use accessories, such as pillows, throws, rugs, curtains and lighting to add drama to the space. Paint patterns should be light with a darker accent.

In order to achieve a feeling of open space, remember that the windows are an important element in this type of design. In the traditional interior decorating style, these windows are always located on the southern end of the house. As such, they receive the most sunlight during the day and will become almost invisible at night. Use a skylight or use translucent windows to allow natural light in while still providing a cozy atmosphere.

Using wood as an exterior wall material is a popular idea in many traditional home decor styles. The walls can be painted a neutral color or use stucco or staining to create a bold contrast. Use wood throughout the space but avoid painting it too often. As you can see, there are many interior design ideas that incorporate elements of the traditional Scandinavian interior design style. By following these guidelines, you are sure to have a home that not only looks welcoming but also makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Furniture can be rearranged as you like throughout the room to create more of a flow than clutter. You may choose to remove some of the furniture and replace it with new pieces that coordinate with the colors of the walls and other furniture. If you are working with a small space, try putting a coffee table next to a wooden window seat. This will provide additional seating while allowing you to read outside or keep your book open.

Scandinavian interior design ideas are perfect for creating any size home. You don’t have to have a large yard or a building that is considered a traditional home. This type of design is perfectly suited for vacation homes, condos, rental units and even second homes. Since this style can be used in any area of the home, you won’t be limiting yourself by having a certain space for your home.

Before you begin planning out your new decorating scheme, you need to sit down and draw out your plan. It is important that you make your home a picture in your mind’s eye. Make notes on where things should go, where furniture should go and other ideas so that you will know what you are planning for when you get ready to put it all together. You also want to know how much money you have to spend on this interior design project so that you know what your budget will be. The most important thing about a traditional Scandinavian interior design idea is that it will work with the way you live. Don’t let other people’s opinions to determine what your home looks like.