Ultimate Guide On Different Interior Design Styles

Here is the ultimate guide on the Top 5 most popular different interior design styles in 2019. Understand the different theme and how to best use and incorporate them into your home improvement projects.

Different Interior Design Styles
  • Urban Modern

Started at the dawn of the 20th century. An urban Modern Interior Design is all about cosmopolitan living, hip, contemporary and industrial aesthetic, but with a softer side. Urban modern interior design is merging from several styles like minimalist modern, chic, ethic and edgy industrial designs.

  • Minimalist

Started around 1960s and 70s. Inspired by traditional Japanese Design and Zen philosophy, Minimalist interiors express the driving concepts of Modernism. Elements and motifs are kept to a minimum with concealed storage.

  • Scandinavian

Describes the home designs in Nordic countries. Most people will associate it with IKEA, there are a variety of subset looks within the Scandinavian design itself.

Other common characteristics normally include all-white color palettes and the incorporation of natural elements like form-pressed wood, bright plastics, and enameled aluminum, steel and wide plank flooring.  The color palette swims in black and white, with grays and blues.

Spacious, natural lighting, less accessories and functional furniture characterizes Scandinavian designs.

  • Industrial

Draws inspiration from a warehouse or an urban loft. It is common to see exposed brick, duct work and wood.

Often the style of choice in warehouse conversions and loft remodeling, Industrial interiors tend to stick to warm, neutral colors such as grays and browns with iron or steel, exposed concrete and unfinished brickwork complementing them perfectly.

  • Rustic

Rustic style refers to design concept based on natural, rugged ,unrefined elements and warm colors. It draws inspiration from natural materials and resources.