Understanding the Modern Design Bathroom

Modern design bathroom ideas are perfect for small bathroom spaces. The modern trends incorporate space saving interior design with an emphasis on simplicity, sleek efficiency and contemporary styling. These ideas include the use of simple geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, circle, with clean and uncluttered lines. Contemporary bathroom themes and colors can be applied to small bathroom spaces to create a harmonious atmosphere.

The modern bathroom concept was introduced by the mid-twentieth century in order to increase space efficiency, improve energy efficiency, minimize the use of water, and to provide the user with a comfortable bathroom experience. The concept incorporated a return to classic elements from art and architecture, and furniture and fixtures which were simpler and more functional. Modern bathroom styles can set the space to an upscale ambience with plush amenities which includes modern marble countertops, modern lavatories, elegant vanities, durable granite counter tops, sleek travertine walls and some lifestyle additions like a media storage unit or a mini table. Streamlined units with clean lines and minimal ornamentation also add to the space-saving appeal of the bathroom.

In the master bathroom, the style is centered around a tiled sink/countertop combination with a pedestal/faucet set. This combination is a signature of modern bathroom design. The master bath incorporates both high and low rise bathtubs, which are perfect when accommodating a large family. A customized and aesthetically pleasing faucet is an essential element of this space, as it will tie the tub rim together. The use of a standard soap dish, soap holder and dispenser makes the use of this space efficient, as well as visually pleasing.

The master bathroom has become an increasingly popular space in recent years for homeowners. With its high-value and prestige design, it is often used by celebrities as well as stars of the big screen. Celebrities often choose the master bathroom to prepare for a film role, where this space can make the difference between a mediocre film and a fantastic one. High-end designers now offer bathrooms constructed in the Hollywood design scheme, complete with grand floor plans and a choice of luxurious amenities. This type of space is not for the average home-owner, however, as the cost of such a space is considerable.

Mid-century design ideas are becoming popular in homes across the U.S. These ideas combine European sophistication with American craftsmanship. Many homeowners feel that their homes lack the charm of their classic counterparts, and a modern design bathroom may be the perfect solution. These ideas include using durable and elegant materials throughout the room. Formica and brushed nickel cabinet pulls are common accents used throughout the space, as well as fixtures made from tempered glass, copper and iron.

The new modern design bathroom shower curtain is becoming an extremely important fixture in a bathroom. Water resistant material such as vinyl and polyester are common, and the material used to line the shower curtain is almost always cotton blend. The material prevents water from dripping onto the floor and causing water damage. The material is also easier to clean, as one does not need to remove the shower curtain after use.

A modern design bathroom may feature a sink with elongated, rectangular or oval spout, which complements the shape of the walls and vanity. The fixtures can be installed as wall-mounted sinks, as in a bathroom designed to appear like a country estate. A combination of white and chrome fittings and fixtures are typical, and a sink can be completely transformed into an island tub by adding a new faucet and shower curtain.

As previously mentioned, the concept of a modern design bathroom incorporates a combination of modern fixtures and faucets with elements from traditional bathroom designs. Shower curtains can be made from any material and can be found in any color, size or design. To complete the transformation of a bathroom into a modern bathroom, the shower curtain can be replaced with one that features geometric shapes, which coordinate with the color scheme of the bath or other fixtures. A matching or complimentary shower curtain, towel set and bathmats are ideal accessories for this design.