Urban Modern Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

An urban modern interior design is all about cosmopolitan living, hip, contemporary and industrial aesthetic, but with a softer side. You can also get the look with original artwork. Urban modern interior design often has a cosmopolitan vibe and artwork is a way to achieve that look. It is also common to see original brick walls, rugged wood floors, and large steel windows.

Urban Modern Interior Design

The urban interior design originates from the modern designer attics in the major cities. Taking ideas from the metropolitan atmosphere. Urban modern interior design is merging from several styles like minimalist modern, chic, ethic and edgy industrial designs.

Floor to ceiling windows are common in these design. Lighting in urban modern normally uses natural lighting if all possible. The key to making urban modern is to design a home with  welcoming feel, airy, and spacious.

What type of person will like this urban modern design? A person stays in the city or a sophisticated city dwellers that loves contemporary design but with some relaxed elements.

Paint a feature wall, recess or alcove a warm and inviting color to avoid what might otherwise feel like an overly industrial space. This design is thoroughly modern in spirit, and neutrals are an essential way to ground and tie everything together.

Use rugs made out of natural materials in warm tones over white, gray, or wood flooring. Select natural colored throws and plush pillows to house on your sofa (in browns, creams, and grays) to pair with industrial urban interior design concepts and elements.