Use Your Farmhouse Interior Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Modern farmhouses often feature a combination of traditional and modern elements to help lend the room a contemporary feel. Exterior accents such as wooden shutters and windows, brick and stone walls, and colorful mosaic tile art add charm to the home’s exterior. Modern farmhouse interior designs often feature a blend of traditional materials, like stucco, with creative uses of natural materials like engineered hardwood floors and custom cabinetry. Many farmhouses have a vaulted ceiling that provides an open living space. In this room, homeowners can enjoy the beautiful country garden below them without having to climb up a ladder. The kitchen, dinning room, and family room are all featured in this section of the house.

The living space of the modern farmhouse features high ceilings and exposed ductwork. Furniture is either hand crafted from solid wood pieces or made from rustic lumber and metal. Wall hangings include nature scenes, like a scene of a farm animal in flight. Natural stone walls feature rough finishes and dark colors, like the ones found in many rolling hills. A mosaic tile backsplash completes the rustic look. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, a butcher block refrigerator, and a microwave oven.

There is a large open kitchen located on a second floor of this barriving house on Grove Avenue in Barrington, IL. The kitchen’s industrial farmhouse interior design provides ample room for preparing meals, as well as for entertaining. The sink is built into the countertop, and the island features a butcher block island with built-in refrigerator and microwave oven. The eating area is an L-shaped arrangement of bar stools and a buffet with soft seating surrounding a work station with a work table. The bar is fashioned out of wood with stools at each end. The bar stools have been cut to look like kitchen chairs, and a work station has a breakfast bar for the cook to prepare food.

The master bedroom of this home shares the kitchen concepts of the farmhouse interior design. Bedroom furniture includes a bed on the floor and dressers that extend down from the bed. Guest rooms are themed to match the theme of the home. The master bedroom has a fireplace and log crib style dressers. The home also has a play area for children of all ages, complete with a playhouse-type bench and chair.

The family room in this home has a functional dual purpose. It is the main gathering place for the adults in the home, and it serves as a cozy nook in the backyard. The industrial farmhouse interior design has a log cabin feel with comfortable seating and an array of media featuring radio, television, and video. A coffee maker sits on the coffee table, and the walls of the family room are painted to appear wood toned.

The dining room of this home is another section that exudes the warm tones of a classic American kitchen. The western styled laminate table tops and custom made chairs add a touch of southern charm to the dining room. The walls are painted to look like exposed brick, and the wood accents are colored to mimic wood. In the center of the dining room is an authentic antique table. This room is decorated with western themed wallpaper and wall hangings. In this section of the industrial interior decor, you can also decorate with modern farmhouse interior design ideas such as using bright colors to decorate the walls.

The bathroom of this home has a filing cabinet similar to the one located in the kitchen, but it is smaller in size. The furniture in this section can be used to combine the two styles of decorating. You can also use the bathroom for home interior ideas such as decorating it with neutral colors that are in shades of white or black.

If you do not have the funds to obtain your own custom cabinetry or you simply do not have the money needed for such fixtures, you can still use the themes in this section of your home interior design. If you download an image of farmhouse furniture, you can follow the design style but use cheaper materials such as particle board instead of solid wood. You can download an image of old farmhouse furniture that will help you create a more authentic theme for your home. You can also decorate this area with rustic accessories such as wooden baskets to hold your dishes while also adding wooden accent pieces to the walls to create a rustic feel.