Using Geometric Design in Modern Contemporary Living Rooms

The modern contemporary living room is a trend that many people are following today. It’s a design style that mixes together both comfort and modern styling with elements of art and creativity. This can be seen in homes from California to Manhattan. Because modern contemporary living room design ideas typically call for thinking out of the box, don’t hesitate a moment to take a fresh look at your living space to create it all the more special. Rather than having the old traditional setup consisting of the usual couches, chairs, and tables around a large coffee table, consider how you can make your space feel like one-of-a-type.

The most important element to working with modern contemporary living room design ideas is texture. Many people use colors, but the real focal point in an efficient design should be an attention grabbing and engaging piece of artwork or a comfortable seating arrangement. Artwork that is either visually stimulating or that conveys a positive attitude is a great way to get a group of people talking.

When planning out the layout of your space, consider the main focal point of your space. This can either be a large artwork display or a comfortable sofa, chair, or even a comfortable recliner. Modern contemporary living room furniture design ideas often revolve around the center object of the design home. If you have an attention-grabbing piece of artwork that is also capable of being placed in the center of the room, it can be a simple way to bring more attention to the focal piece while simultaneously being more efficient at use of space.

White walls are generally avoided in a modern design home because they do not allow for a lot of natural light. An option to decorate with open ended, but colorful, white walls would be the perfect aesthetic for sofas, couches, loveseats, armchairs, and other seating arrangements. Colorful photos or paintings can help to break up the space, but it is usually best to keep a bare wall until much later. If there are no eye-appealing pieces to place on the wall, you can always find a paint by number decorative tapes to highlight an architectural feature that you love.

In this style of decorating, it is not uncommon to use dark and heavy pieces of furniture. Dark hardwood flooring, cherry wood floors, and dark cabinets create a very clean and uncluttered look. Black and red velvet drapes and a modern glass coffee table add additional elements of space depth. A metal flat pack entertainment center is an excellent choice for showcasing DVD’s and other collection items. If you do not feel like adding a center element, clean lines can flow throughout the space by using simple, yet functional, shelving units and chairs.

In these modern living rooms, it is important to choose pieces that have a neutral palette. When trying to decorate with color in mind, keep in mind what mood you want to create within the space. Bright colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. While neutral colors, such as blues, greens, tans, and whites, create a neutral environment that is perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying family activities.

With your color palette in mind, you will then need to choose pieces that have a sort of synergy. This means that when you pair a bold color with another softer piece, you can create a space that has a balanced sense of movement. This type of design works especially well when paired with art Deco mirrors or lamps. Art Deco lighting can be expensive, however you may be able to find discount prices on previously owned lamps that have an Art Deco pattern to them. Mirrors that have a similar Art Deco pattern can also work quite nicely as well.

One last thing that you will need to consider is the use of lines in your artwork and color palette. If you go with a more geometric art Deco design style, you will need to choose geometric pieces that fit naturally within your home, as opposed to pieces that are haphazardly thrown together. For example, if you choose to use a wall mural for your living space, be sure that it matches the geometric patterns that you have chosen throughout your home. By choosing pieces that fit naturally within your home, you will give off a homey feeling that others will find inviting.