Victorian House Interior Design Ideas

The charm of the Victorian home interior design lies in its opulence, beauty and simplicity. Victorian homes are well known for being the most costly houses, but its value always outweighs the cost. It is also a romantic period home, hence the elegant interiors and the floor plan can have some fun elements to blend into the vintage aura. Let’s discuss some home decor ideas related to Victorian bathroom interior design.

The architectural style of Victorian homes is characterized by the steeply pitched roofs and large expanses of wall to allow enough air to circulate during hot summer days. This architectural style was first used in England in the late eighteen hundreds. Soon after, these buildings were exported to Australia where they became known as shabby chic. A lot of people liked the shabby chic style of architectural design and made it their own. In the late twenty-first century, the concept of renovating old Victorian houses became popular and many homeowners combined old Victorian design elements with contemporary design ideas to create unique home styles.

When selecting home decors to compliment your Victorian styled Victorian house, you should remember that the exterior and interior settings should be harmonious with each other. The colors used, materials used and textures used should be in harmony with each other. You can add a touch of shabby chic to your bathroom by choosing soft and light colored towels, bath rugs and tiles. To give a unique look to the walls of your bathroom, choose Victorian wall paper instead of paint.

Bathroom decors and accessories with Victorian origin are usually made of antiques and even antique rugs. It is important to pick up pieces that have a Victorian feel and tone. You should consider using rugs that are Victorian in origin as well as using ceramic tile, oilcloth and velvet towels. For an authentic and charming look, try to select rugs with antique silk fringe, needlework, and floral motifs. Bath rugs made of wool and cotton will also help to add a soft and cozy touch to the interior of your Victorian house. For a Victorian inspired look, use ceramic tile, ceramic tiles and oilcloth for flooring.

Next, you need to decide whether you would like to add period features or if you would like to create a modern Victorian house interior. There are many design ideas that are available for the Victorian era. If you decide to go with an antique style, you can decorate your dining room with cut glass panels and a table with gilded accents. The style can be further enhanced by adding accessories such as a carved tablet and glass lamp shades. In the sitting room, you can add ornate chairs with plush cushions and floral patterned pillows.

You can add other period features such as a fireplace, especially if it is authentic, and ornate mirrors. You may also want to add a wall clock for an authentic look. You should consider adding photos or paintings in a frame as well as having old photographs displayed on the walls. Victorian design ideas are wonderful because of the beautiful rugs and antiques that you can use to enhance the room.

Another way to make your interior stand out is to choose the right flooring. If you have hardwood floors, you can complement them with beautiful rugs that are in the Victorian era. For flooring, choose pieces that have texture and are patterned in a vintage design. If you have carpeting, you should choose a modern pattern such as shag or checkerboard. Flooring such as these will not only add a unique flair to your interior, but it will also add comfort to your family. For additional ideas on flooring, you can get in touch with home interior design magazines or talk to a professional in your area.

If you have white walls, then you can choose to have a distressed white paint in vintage inspired colors. You can also use a stencil to add interest to your walls. Victorian design ideas are perfect if you want a traditional look but don’t want to overdo it. You can still create a Victorian feel with minimal effort. The key is to find the right colors, textures and accessories.