What Are the Pros and Cons of a Dark Modern House Interior Design?

Are you looking for some dark modern house interior design ideas? The reason why I ask is because many people would look at an ordinary bathroom or kitchen and say “that doesn’t really have any dark elements to it.” Well this isn’t really true, you can get a dark paint look, but the effect is so much more dramatic.

So why not make your bathroom or kitchen into a dark, modern house interior? There are a few reasons. To start with the space itself can be much smaller than you think.

In a large room you have lots of space, but as soon as you fill it with something that gets in the way of that space, it gets smaller. In a small space you have less space, but once you fill it with something that becomes in the way of that space it becomes bigger. This is why it’s very easy to fill a room full of light with something that makes it smaller. This is a good reason to use dark colours in a room.

It’s not just the bathroom that can benefit from this either. Kitchens tend to be quite small too. Kitchens and bathrooms are often thought of as being the smallest rooms in a house but this isn’t necessarily true. They can sometimes be the most eye-catching rooms in the house. Dark walls, plenty of natural light and a dark coloured bathroom interior can create a beautiful space that will really draw people in.

One other advantage of using a dark modern house interior for your bathroom interior design is the practicality. Lots of light means there are fewer reasons to turn on the lights when you’re in the bathroom! With a dark colour on the walls and floors this creates an environment where people feel they can relax and not worry about shining lights into their faces.

This of course leads to another practical advantage of dark, modern house interior designs. If you have a small bathroom then it’s very easy to make it look larger than it actually is by having lots of lighting. But if you have a large bathroom then you don’t need a lot of lighting so using a dark colour for the walls and floor will help this look. Obviously you could always go for a really big light if you needed too – but dark colours usually create the illusion of a much bigger space.

Using a dark colour for the walls and floors can also have other benefits. If you use a dark floor then it makes the space seem more solid. This is great if you want to create a feeling of solidity or if you’re trying to create a darker feeling. If you have a white or cream walls then using light coloured flooring can add a nice warm glow to the bathroom interior design, making it look warmer and more spacious. You can even go for tiles that have a dark finish if you don’t like the idea of dark coloured tiles on the walls.

Finally it’s important that you think about the bathroom lighting when choosing your dark modern house design. If you’ve already chosen a dark colour for the walls and flooring then the lights should be in some form of a darker shade to complete the design. Most of the time these lights can be integrated into the bathroom suite rather than being mounted outside. But even if you choose to get them outside, then make sure that they are flush against the walls so that there’s no shadow behind the bathroom door.