What Does an Interior Designer Do?

What does an interior designer do? An interior designer to work is multi-faceted but fundamentally begins with giving accurate, practical design advice to the best possible safe employment of people who use, live or work in an interior space. Operating across a range of sectors having differing regulations for product safety and specification in both residential and commercial use, an interior designer has to be multi-skilled to offer a comprehensive service that meets the diverse requirements of their clients. The use of space planning and colour scheme is of fundamental importance to the successful design of any interior space. Interior designers are entrusted with helping owners and planners to produce a space that meets the specific needs of the people who occupy it.

An important area of focus for any interior designing job is the drafting of the plans for a structure. This is usually the responsibility of the architect. However, an architect may be called upon to offer consultation services too, which are frequently very valuable indeed. Architects play a key role in the design of a building, but they cannot complete a construction plan by themselves. There are two key roles for an architect in the process of what does an interior designer do:

Planning is the vital first step in what does an interior designer do. The planning of spaces is at the foundation of the construction process and is carried out throughout the life cycle of the project. This includes identifying the types of spaces, their volumes and their functions. Once this is identified, the design of the spaces can begin with consideration of how best to utilise existing spaces within the building or in conjunction with adjacent spaces.

From here, the process of what does an interior designer do changes into that of the implementation stage. The designer will then work within the budget set out by the client to create the most effective and aesthetically pleasing design. At this stage, it is usual for them to work closely with the client’s interior decorators to produce samples and finalise the look they want for the building. Once this has been achieved, they can begin work on the construction phase where they will build up the various components of the interior decor of the building, including window treatments, countertops, flooring, lighting, wallpaper and so on.

The next stage of what does an interior designer do is the construction of the structure itself. This will involve the erection of walls and ceilings as well as any other major structural elements such as the roof. Once constructed, the client will be able to leave the space and have it completed. In some cases, they may wish to erect a structure and have a live view of the completed space, such as in a living room. At this point, it is typical for the interior designer to sketch out the colours and materials to use and the dimensions of the space. The construction phase usually takes around four weeks from start to finish depending on the complexity of the design.

Once completed, the space is often displayed to clients for them to view. Some people want the space to have a specific aesthetic look, in which case formal training can provide valuable experience in this area. Formal training and what does an interior designer do usually involves working with architects, designers and interior decorators to create a design that not only compliments the existing space but enhances its overall appearance.

Interior design courses can be undertaken individually or in groups where one or more individuals are brought onto the project as project managers. Project managers have a role in charge of the day to day running of the project from conception to completion and they have a pivotal role in how the finished space looks. The role of a decor manager is slightly different and they have a key responsibility in making sure the project runs to schedule and is completed to a high standard. For some people who decide to go onto an independent course, what does an interior designer do differs little from the standard curriculum. A good idea is to search online for free online Interior Designing courses.

If you are planning to open your own home, you may want to think about hiring an interior designer. People who have a passion for interior design and want to work with the public will have a great career as home decorators. If you want to start a home decorating business, it is best to gain some experience so you can be confident in your design skills and have a background in interior design to prove it. Once you have some experience under your belt, you can work towards obtaining a diploma in Interior Design.