What Kind of Style is Contemporary Bathroom Design?

The question of what kind of style is contemporary has become increasingly important for homeowners to decide on. In recent years, the design of most dwellings has changed dramatically. We have found that home decor ideas that worked a decade ago are no longer as effective as they were when our parents and grandparents lived in their homes. Contemporary looks good, but is it practical to live in a home where everything is traditional? This article takes a look at how you can determine what kind of style is contemporary and how you can incorporate it into your home decor ideas.

You may think that you have the answer to the question of what is contemporary, but it is actually more complicated than that. To determine what kind of style is contemporary all you need to do is get rid of the labels. The terms contemporary, modern, or casual labels that really don’t tell you much. A person could easily describe their home decor with one of these labels. Don’t get caught up in the labels and think that you know what is contemporary.

There are some basic things that we can look at that will tell us what kind of style is contemporary. First, look at how the room is decorated. Contemporary homes usually include a lot of glass and/or stainless steel. The cabinets are often clear rather than stained. The colors are neutral or may be one of several earth tones. The lighting fixtures are also mostly metal and stone in color.

What kind of style is contemporary, that we find in a traditional bathroom? A bathroom in a traditional home is designed with a more rustic, homey look. The colors tend to be very natural and relaxing. Bathrooms that are styled in this way often use ceramic tile in the flooring and porcelain wall tiles in the walls. The bathroom cabinets will be labeled as storage or functional rather than for decorative purposes. The shower curtains will be plain or have accents that give them an edgy look.

If the contemporary bathroom design that you have in mind is very modern, then you will find that many bathrooms will use a very simple design. Black and white tile will be the primary colors, and you will likely see glass in the bathroom. In this design the bathroom cabinet will have a very simple geometric design. Shower curtains will still be geometric, but you might find some textured fabrics and tassels on them.

What kind of style is contemporary, that we find in a Victorian bathroom? This design features heavily accented wood surfaces. The bathtub and shower will be very ornate, with large decorative elements like pewter globes on the door. The floors will be very hard and shiny. In a vintage bathroom you may find that the fixtures are made of porcelain and the paint is oil based. Glass will be very heavy, and there will be more textured wallpaper on the walls.

How do we define modern when looking at a design like this? In this case, the primary element is clean lines, especially when the focus is on the wall textured wallpaper. The bathroom will have very few decorative elements and very few if any bathroom accessories. The bathroom will focus more on functionality than it does beauty.

When looking at what kind of style is contemporary for our home we must consider the purpose of the room. Bathrooms are a private space, so we want to make sure that the space we choose to decorate is one that we will enjoy and use. A bathroom that is decorated to reflect a designer’s latest taste might not be the best use of our money or our space. We should spend our money on a bathroom that we can enjoy, one in which we feel comfortable. If the bath is just a room to get clean, and not a relaxing area, then the style of the bathroom should be functional, not beautiful.